Friday, March 28, 2008

my POINT n' CLICK adventure game!

I always wanted to make a video game. When I first started working in flash I thought this was the answer, but I always had trouble getting into action scripting. I don't know what it is I just have had problems staying interested. I tried many times with C and other various languages but I got so sick of typing “hello world” I thought I was gonna go crazy. (anyone who has read book on scripting knows what I'm talking about) A little less than a month ago I heard of a program called “adventure game studio”

I love it. The thing I really like is that it is more gratifying than just scripting something from scratch because you are working with an engine with some pre defined functions that are common in lots of games. You have to check it out, I couldn't explain if I tried. I am still having some minor issues with scripting my “if” statements but I am still interested and better yet determined to finish this game. The forums are real good for questions with a good search function. My absolute favorite is that the engine is for old sierra and lucasarts games, these point and click adventures. I loved these as a kid and played them for hours. Sam and max, search for the king etc.... this is just another outlet for me to proclaim that 2d is not dead and we will never let it die. I recommend you check it out. If there are any artists out there that are interested in making a game in the future with a focus on awesome 2d art with a 40's-50's cartoon feel let me know. I am really just doing this as a project to realize the scope and work involved in making a game. But I have a feeling that if some of us 2d cartoon lovers put our skulls together we could come up with a real nice game that says 2d still gots it!

I actually based the entire game off this picture I made. I thought she was cute and simple
one of my main artistic focuses was the backgrounds. I wanted that old school cartoon chalky, painted look. I will say old yogi bear was my greatest infulance.
I liked the reflection on the water

this was my first dialog test.
I couldn't post this without giving props to alien hominid a game where 2d prevailed in a world of 3d graphics. this game was a real inspiration and hilarious to play.

I would apreciate all comments and suggestions for game. so don't hesitate to let me know what ya' think.


Mitch K said...

Hey, don't forget about RPG Maker 2003! That thing is FUN, even if you don't like RPGs.

I've tried that adventure game maker too, after I got back into Space Quest and Sam & Max. There's even a cool Maniac Mansion remake that was made with it. It's pretty rad. I was kind of thinking of making a point-and-click game too, but I really don't have the time right now. Good luck with yours, though!

Oh yea, Alien Hominid is awesome. I bought it the week it came out. I can't wait for Castle Crashers! 2D games were the best *cough EarthWorm Jim cough*

toonaholic said...

rpg maker oooh la la. I'm on it.

SSH said...

Hey, this looks great from the screenshots. Make sure you post a completed game announcement and add it to the games database over at the AGS site when its done. Meanwhile, I'll add you to google reader!

toonaholic said...

hey thanks, I will.