Thursday, April 10, 2008

video game update.

The game is going very well. I just got a new job and when I am not there I am working on the game. I have been letting my friends kids do a lot of the directing of what should happen. this is mainly because they seem to like it the best, and they get really excited. I have been really struggling trying to find the right sounds, and music has been an issue. I think I know what I want to do for music, I want to use my brother in-law's music. I just don't want music that makes people go crazy because they have to hear the same annoying beat the whole time but at the same time I want something upbeat and fun. I still need his permission though. A big hang up at the moment is I asked some artist friends of mine if they wanted to feature one of their characters in the game to promote themselves, and I still haven't received any of them nor do I know what the characters are so it is kinda hard to work them into the story. this I really my own impatience and excitement because there is plenty else I can be working on. I put in a new character a little blue beaver( I just noticed today I have a fascination with making my characters blue) here are some new screen shots.

this first one is more to show the font I am using, what do you think?

I have also started an AGS games in production post on the AGS forums check it out.

and as always I would love to hear any feed back on the game. what you all think and if you have any suggestions. and now I am off to work on my game.

Friday, April 4, 2008

video game update

The game is going well. I seem to just continuously add more stuff and want more characters. I have enlisted some help from my friend David Beyer to put his character red bean in the game and I also asked my sister and brother in law to draw up some characters, oh yeah and I am also putting in a character drawn by a 9 year old kid. I keep growing the idea probably because it wasn't really well thought out in the first place. I honestly didn't think I would be able to pull as much off as I have. Thank the Lord. It has been tough scripting a whole game having never scripted before but I sure am learning lots and lots. Well , this was just an update. I welcome all comments and or suggestions on where I should be heading with this considering I am sorta just making it up as I go along.

this is just some of the characters I put in the game so far. I am gonna really try and get a video capture soon. so you all can see how it plays. if you want to see screen shots look down a couple a posts.